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Scenes of nature can cut pain

... Researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, United States set up a series of tests analysing patients undergoing bone marrow aspiration and biopsy (BMAB) - known to be a ... [full article] (89 views)
This bookmark is tagged as: research report | cancer | nature scene
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Green Tea Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

... July 2, 2008 -- Drinking green tea rapidly improves the health of the delicate cells lining the blood vessels and helps lower one\'s risk of heart disease. ... [full article] (101 views)
This bookmark is tagged as: green tea | heart | health | research report
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Eat eggs for breakfast to lose weight

... Wondering how to shed those extra kilos? Then eat an egg for breakfast, a new study suggests. ... [full article] (110 views)
This bookmark is tagged as: egg | breakfast | calorie | protein | loosing weight | research report | fitness
"nice... you would have studied -ve X -ve = +ve!" - mf
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In Pictures: The Most Corrupt Countries

... Our list of Most Corrupt Countries draws from Transparency International\'s compilation of multiple sources, including on-the-ground surveys, World Bank assessments, and the Bertelsmann Transformation Index, which tracks \"the peaceful transition of authoritarian regimes towards democracy and a market ... [full article] (124 views)
This bookmark is tagged as: forbes list | most corrupt countries | somalia | afghanistan | myanmar | research report
"to my surprise india is not there! and i really pity the people of these countries... if war is like python corruption is like termite both are equally dangerous!!" - cool b
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The World\'s 10 Cleanest Countries

... Researchers rank the world's countries by environmental performance. Should the U.S. be higher or lower? ... [full article] (89 views)
This bookmark is tagged as: cleanest countries | iceland | switzerland | costa rica | environment | research report
"now you understand why these countries rank top when it comes to tourism! but to me cuba was of bit of surprise!" - cool b
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Nearly any lifetime smoking ups breast cancer risk

... NEW YORK - Women taking the next puff of a cigarette might consider this: smoking 100 or more cigarettes may substantially increase their odds of developing breast cancer, researchers report. ... [full article] (358 views)
This bookmark is tagged as: women health | health | smoking | breast cancer | research report
"yet another research that confirms smoking women have more chances of getting breast cancer!" - yamy
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