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Firefox, Chrome, Safari have finally killed Internet Explorer

... I have been wanting to write this article for a while. Years, in fact. I am determined to write it in the simplest possible format: no punch-line at the bottom, no building up to a grand conclusion, but simply stating something impressive, true, and simply wonderful: the hegemony that Internet Explorer once upon a time had is over. Right now, other browsers are fighting amongst each other, and its all about how much of IEs share ... [full article] (117 views)
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"ie days are finally over hehe!!" - mf
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Browser Review - A close look at Google Chrome

... I am using Google Chrome as my primary browser for more than two months now. I liked this browser and thats why I am using it as my first choice browser! I thought I should share my experience of this new browser. ... [full article] (99 views)
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"My blog. I have put together some of the advantages and issues of Google Chrome!" - Cool B
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Microsoft: Don't blame us, blame the browser add-ons

... Worried that Internet Explorer is less secure than alternatives? Eric Lawrence Security Program Manager on Microsoft's Internet Explorer team argued on a Black Hat webcast about ... [full article] (141 views)
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"Internet Explorer is becoming boring and ...!" - KZee4
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