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Taking the leap: How I became a full time entrepreneur

... I took the leap. I made the jump. As of almost a month ago Iím no longer an employee. Iím now an entrepreneur! Thatís right, Iím now working full time on my startup Geomium. So how did it happen? ... [full article] (43 views)
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"inspiring story of a young man who successfully became an entrepreneur." - mf
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Why You Should Never Charge Hourly

... One of the biggest and oldest debates between freelancers is whether you should charge hourly or by the project. While both sides of the debate have valid points, if you want to really go anywhere in your freelance career, you should avoid charging hourly. ... [full article] (53 views)
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"good one!" - mf
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What I learned from dealing with clients

... Here you'll find five situations I learned to solve when dealing with clients. 1. The promise of more work 2. Setting rates for new and existing clients 3. The self-appointed VIP client without a budget ... [full article] (71 views)
"very well written, must read for anyone who has just started freelancing of web development or planning to start. developing websites is different running that as business is different thing..." - mf
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10 Ways A Designer Can Make some Extra Money

... Being a Full-Time designer can be tough at times, you get times where clients just donít have the money to pay you right away or you go through a patch where you donít have enough client work to keep your bills payed. There is a solution, a few infact. Designers are ... [full article] (81 views)
"the author has put together a list of things that a web designer can do to earn a bit extra money..." - mf
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8 Sure-Fire Ways Freelance Designers Can Earn Passive Income

... As a freelance web designer, I can speak from the heart when I say that there are times in my business building process that I just wish I could work on things I liked all day long and not have worry about anything else. Passive income is the answer to that problem and since Iím sure that I am not the only one who has thoughts similar to this Ė you need to continue reading :) ... [full article] (55 views)
This bookmark is tagged as: passive income | freelancing | web designing | web designers | side income | extra income
"some of the ideas are really cool and some of them applies to people who are not in designing profession!" - mf
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