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Google damaging users\' brain by offering quick assistance

... London, Sep 13 (ANI): An author has claimed that Google is damaging the brain of its users by providing information almost instantly, leading people to lose their intellectual capacity to store information. ... [full article] (117 views)
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Brain restores its energy during sleep

... Washington, June 30 (ANI): Your brain tends to restore its energy in the initial hours of sleep, so that it can use it while you are awake, according to a study. ... [full article] (120 views)
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Our brains cannot handle more than 150 Facebook friends

... London, January 24 (ANI): Despite some people having 5,000 friends on their Facebook profiles, they may not be able to remember or manage more than 150 pals in real life, an expert claims. ... [full article] (70 views)
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"good report!" - mf
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Smoking Interferes With Recovery From Alcohol-related Brain Damage

... ScienceDaily (May 15, 2009) Alcohol-use disorders (AUDs) can damage the brain, particularly the frontal and parietal cortices, although this damage is at least partially reversible with sustained ... [full article] (85 views)
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"do not drink or smoke problem solved!!" - yamy
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User Post: 5 ways to get healthier in 5 minutes

... Are you making yourself sick just thinking about finding the time to be healthier? Surely you can spare five minutes here and there, right? FatFighterTV shows you five quick ways to get you on your way to ... [full article] (88 views)
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"Very cool tips, I always say this to my friends, healthy living is the outcome of your lifestyle. There is no magic bullets for health, change your lifestyle and see the change." - YA
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How does our brain choose the right words?

... Washington, Dec 26 (IANS) A new study has identified parts of the human brain involved in the process of choosing the right words during speech. ... [full article] (61 views)
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Long talks on cell phones may impair memory

... Washington, Dec 7 (ANI): Long talks on cell phones can have an adverse impact on memory, say researchers. ... [full article] (51 views)
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"Looks like cell phone has definite effect on brain... read this to find out!" - KZee4
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Nature-Nurture Gene Link Sheds New Light On Autism

... Neuroscientists at MIT's Picower Institute for Learning and Memory found that a previously unsuspected set of genes links nature and nurture during a crucial period of brain development. ... [full article] (37 views)
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