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Solar Collector Could Change Asphalt Roads Into Renewable Energy Source

... Anyone who has walked barefoot across a parking lot on a hot summer day knows that blacktop is exceptionally good ... [full article] (62 views)
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"Cool... but I have been hearing about alternate energies from my childhood... AND nothing looks practical yet... sorry guys the intent is not to hurt or discourage!" - yamy
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New way to store solar energy

... CAMBRIDGE: A US scientist has developed a new way of powering fuel cells that could make it practical for home owners to store solar energy and produce electricity to run lights and appliances at night. ... [full article] (41 views)
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New 'Window' Opens On Solar Energy: Cost Effective Devices Available Soon

... Imagine windows that not only provide a clear view and illuminate rooms, but also use sunlight to efficiently help power the building they are part of. MIT engineers report a new approach to harnessing the sun's energy that could allow just that. ... [full article] (41 views)
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Solar Powered Fans Can Save You Money

... Many people don't realize that 57% of the electricity in this country is generated from coal. This fossil fuel is burned so it creates steam, which is then blown at a high pressure into a turbine, causing it to spin, creating electricity. ... [full article] (28 views)
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As energy costs soar, America looks to solar

... BOSTON (Reuters) - Apple Inc is considering harnessing the sun to power its iPod music players. California's Ironwood prison is installing more than 6,000 solar panels, and Boston's Fenway Park is tapping solar power for Red Sox baseball games. ... [full article] (40 views)
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