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Top 9 sex-related myths busted

... Washington, Dec 10 (ANI): Do you know everything about sex? Think again for the more someone claims to know, the less they generally do know. ... [full article] (84 views)
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Brit man banned from Facebook for using it to bed 300 women

... London, July 20 (ANI): A British man has been banned from Facebook after he used the social networking site to bed more than 300 women. ... [full article] (98 views)
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"bedded with 1500 women!!!" - cool b
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No sex no work

... It has been referred to often over the years, but now an actor confirms "there is a casting couch in Bollywood". Recounting her own experiences, Suchitra Krishnamurthy says she had the strength to say 'no', when a director made improper advances, but that other ... [full article] (153 views)
"shocking story, maybe a publicity stunts!" - mf
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Do it!

... I remember many years ago, while still in my teens-I had gone to meet a very sucessful producer regarding a film role at a plush suburban hotel at around 4 pm. He was an out of towner so was staying in that hotel-so the model co ordinator had told me. They were looking for a new face to launch. These meetings were something that made me very ... [full article] (108 views)
This bookmark is tagged as: blog | suchitra krishnamoorthi | suchitra | bollywood | sex | bollywood entry | suchitra life
"maybe true because we also kept hearing these kinda things... or it can be a frustration also because we all know she was not that successful also.... God knows better!" - mf
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5 reasons she doesn't want to sleep with you. And 5 more I came up with quickly off the top of my head.

... was listening to the radio one morning this week and I admit, I was a bit fascinated by the conversation. I hate to admit this because I was tuning into a morning drive ... [full article] (90 views)
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"Find out why sometimes women say no to sex... a note: the article is mostly about sex before marriage!!" - yamy
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If men were insects they'd have to walk 7kms for sex

... Washington, September 6 (ANI): Male giant wetas walk a considerable distance each night for sex, and their lightweight and longer legs help them satiate their wanderlust, according to a field study on Maud Island, New Zealand. ... [full article] (58 views)
This bookmark is tagged as: Sex | Odd News
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Woman, be sexy and obey him

... Confused over what he wants? Fret not, ladies. Just wear sexy clothes even while cooking or doing other household chores and make it a point to obey ... [full article] (59 views)
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Oldies having 'lot' more sex says survey

... A global sex study has shown that 83 per cent of men and 74 per cent of women in the age group of 40 to 80 have had sex ... [full article] (60 views)
This bookmark is tagged as: Health | Sex
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