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Weekend Thoughts

... Weekend Thoughts ... [full article] (94 views)
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"well, it is so true people put all their sensitive data on social networking sites and then blame those sites!" - cool b
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IGIA tweaks its rules for Mallya's comfort

... Vijay Mallya's IPL team may be on top in the ongoing Twenty20 tournament, but the Kingfisher Airlines chairman is bogged down by controversies over airport security breaches. The other day, a crude bomb was found in the cargo section of a Kingfisher flight in ... [full article] (85 views)
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6 hottest skills for 2010

... Computerworld - Pent-up demand for new projects. Veteran employees leaving the company. Who could complain about such pressures in the waning months of 2009, when the year was spent under a cloud of economic misery? ... [full article] (107 views)
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"very high level article!" - mf
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Microsoft: Don't blame us, blame the browser add-ons

... Worried that Internet Explorer is less secure than alternatives? Eric Lawrence Security Program Manager on Microsoft's Internet Explorer team argued on a Black Hat webcast about ... [full article] (152 views)
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"Internet Explorer is becoming boring and ...!" - KZee4
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Google patches Android security flaw

... Google has begun distributing a patch to its Android mobile phone operating system, an early test for how nimbly the company can respond and how well the infrastructure works to distribute and install updates. ... [full article] (123 views)
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Secure your router for a safe Wi-Fi connection

... Wi-Fi stands for 'wireless fidelity', a throw back from the audio terminology of 'high fidelity', though the phrase just signifies any network connection that is a wireless transmission-based connection. In simpler terms, think of it as a radio ... [full article] (85 views)
This bookmark is tagged as: Wi-Fi | Internet | Technology | Broadband | Security
"All you may want to know about wi-fi and its security!" - Wonder Boy
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