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A serious report from Iraq

... « Some excellent pointsMoney to burn »A serious report from Iraq John Burns of the NYT, interviewed by Hugh Hewitt, has a great many serious things to say about Iraq.: ... [full article] (57 views)
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... Ashura (also spelled Aashurah, ‘Ashurah or Aashoorah), is an Islamic holiday observed on the 10th of Muharram, the first month of the Islamic year. The word Ashura means "10," denoting the date of the holiday. ... [full article] (106 views)
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"nice article, talks about Ashura and the beliefs surrounding it! really good work by author!!" - kzee4
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Provincial Elections in Iraq

... More on Iraq's provincial elections, slated for Saturday for most people, though some categories of voter have already voted,on Wednesday (e.g.police, the sick). ... [full article] (74 views)
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"Update on the coming provincial elections of Iraq." - yamy
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Biography of Ayatollah Baqer Al-Hakim

... Ayatollah Sayyid Mohammad Baqir Al-Hakim, born in 1939, is the son of the late Grand Ayatollah Muhsin AI-Hakim (who was the spiritual leader for the ... [full article] (67 views)
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John McCain and Barack Obama trade barbs on Iraq policy

... WASHINGTON - Republican John McCain portrayed Barack Obama as focused more on his own ambition than military success in Iraq, while his Democratic rival argued that McCain favors extending a war that is hurting Americans at home. ... [full article] (39 views)
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‘Pakistan, Iran trying to stem militant flow to Iraq’

... ISLAMABAD: Pakistan is working with Iran on a joint strategy to stem the flow of militants through their territory to and from Iraq, Adviser to Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik said on Tuesday. “From Iran, they go to Iraq and then come back,” Malik told reporters after talks with his Iranian counterpart. ... [full article] (102 views)
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Barack Obama begins firsthand inspection of Iraq

... BAGHDAD - Barack Obama began Monday his first on-the-ground inspection of Iraq since launching his bid for the White House, with U.S. commanders ready to brief him on progress in a war he has long opposed and Iraqi leaders wanting more details of his proposals for troop withdrawals. ... [full article] (63 views)
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US troops kill relatives of Iraq governor in raid

... BAGHDAD - The U.S. military says American soldiers have killed two armed relatives of a provincial governor during a raid against al-Qaida in Iraq. ... [full article] (60 views)
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"Too much on other's land!" - YA
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Iraq and US to seek 'general time horizon'

... Washington: The United States and Iraq have agreed to seek "a general time horizon" for deeper reductions of the number of US troops in Iraq. ... [full article] (56 views)
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US considering withdrawal of troops from Iraq: Report

... NEW YORK: The Bush administration is considering withdrawal of additional combat forces from Iraq beginning in September, with pressing need for more troops in Afghanistan one of the main factors guiding the potential decision, a media report said. ... [full article] (51 views)
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