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This week in search 3/25/11

... Time is a precious commodity for most of us. To save you more precious seconds as you search, we’ve introduced Google Instant in Places View and redesigned the Google Search app for iPhone for faster, easier searching—whether you’re on your way out or already on the go. ... [full article] (110 views)
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... When event information is marked up in the body of a web page, Google can identify it and may make that information available in search results pages. Information such as an event's title, date, and venue can help users decide which pages to click on in search results. Google currently uses this data only for pages with a collection of events. ... [full article] (108 views)
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Keyword Tool

... Use the Keyword Tool to get new keyword ideas. Select an option below to enter a few descriptive words or phrases, or type in your website's URL. Keyword Tool Tips ... [full article] (100 views)
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"find out what people searching on net!" - mf
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Test the new Google UI

... The rumors that Google is redesigning seems to be true and there is a cool trick if you want to test the new design! ... [full article] (57 views)
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"not yet live!!" - mf
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Google Says, Don’t Rewrite Dynamic URLs To Static URLs

... Almost two years ago, Google updated their guidelines to say that they can now properly handle crawling dynamic URLs. But last night, Google posted a blog entry now telling webmasters not to use rewrite rules for dynamic URLs, at least in most cases. ... [full article] (79 views)
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"that's a good update, it says google is okay with dynamic urls as long as they are clean, but search engine optimizing community still keeps recommending static urls ... why?" - cool b
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Google’s "New" Static/Dynamic URL Policy is Nothing New

... There has been some buzz in the SEO community during the last few days regarding Google's recent, apparent shift in policy towards Dynamic URLs vs. static URLs. I'm going to talk about the issue, what Google is saying and show you their new policy is actually a bunch of one-sided fluff worth about as much as Washington Mutual's stock price: ... [full article] (83 views)
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"Interesting, google says dynamic url is not a problem as long as it is clean but most of the first ten results of google SERP will have search engine friendly urls, isn't it sad?" - cool b
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When Google goes Wrong…

... I was watching TV and my elder brother told me that the Google search results are not accessible. I checked Google on my mobile. The Google for mobile was working fine but the classic Google was adding a text “This site may harm your computer” on every search result. ... [full article] (60 views)
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"Very well written article. The sentence that I liked most in this article is 'Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong. Google is not an exception' and I have written a blog post by making this line as subject and I have written about the how common people act as ambassadors for companies that they love. I will bookmark that post as well. Thanks!" - thought_engine
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Importance of URL in Search Engine Optimization

... The web page’s URL plays an important role in SEO, so the URL structures should be well thought through. Below I have tried to put together some of the URL related key things for SEO and have tried to illustrate them with the help of some examples. ... [full article] (113 views)
"This is my blog that talks about the importance of URL structure in SEO. Want to learn about Search Engine Friendly URLs? then this is the article you must be reading." - cool b
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Removing my own content from Google's index

... You can instruct us not to include content from your site in our index or to remove content from your site that is currently in our index. ... [full article] (79 views)
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"Find the information on removing URLs from Google Search!" - Cool B
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Searchology Media Presentation

... If you missed Google’s Searchology Media Presentation you better listen up. ... [full article] (52 views)
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"This blog links you to beautiful world of understanding search :-)" - yamy
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