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Google Improves Webmaster Documentation

... Google's Matt Cutts posted that Google has made major enhancements to their webmaster and SEO documentation. ... [full article] (48 views)
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"Good update!" - Fiyaz
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Sergey Brin plays possum for the press

... he quote reads like an email to Washington antitrust regulators. And it's meant to. But Sergey, you don't need to manipulate the press to give Microsoft as hard of a time it gave Google-DoubleClick in Washington. ... [full article] (58 views)
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Google Unveils Eclectic Mix of Designs

... Google Inc.'s once-austere Web site is turning into an eclectic art gallery. Hoping to spur more customization of its home page, the Internet search leader has unveiled a lineup of colorful graphics dreamed up by a mix of creative souls, ranging from fashion designer Oscar de la Renta to the rock group Coldplay. ... [full article] (54 views)
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Google: At Warp Speed

... There has been a significant shift in how individuals go about finding information, purchase goods and services and, more interestingly, how business advertises to its customers. The Internet is fast becoming an integral part of everyday life, as was predicted by the pundits at its inception. The beneficiaries of this behavioral change have been those Internet businesses, which have recognized and responded to that shift. Google (GOOG: chart), Microsoft (MSFT: chart), Amazon (AMZN: chart), Yahoo (YHOO: chart) and Ebay (EBAY: chart) are all eyeing each otherís businesses in an attempt to secure a foothold in the next dominant Internet technology, while continuing to grow their share of those businesses, in which they have already established themselves. ... [full article] (56 views)
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