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No Waste - Call for Action

... In my last few posts, I have already written about “What happens to our waste?” and “What can we do about it?” If you have not already read those posts, read them now before continuing. In this post, I am going to list down a ‘call to action’ plan where I intend to implement dry waste segregation, collection and recycling in residential apartments across ... [full article] (62 views)
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The World\'s 10 Cleanest Countries

... Researchers rank the world's countries by environmental performance. Should the U.S. be higher or lower? ... [full article] (69 views)
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"now you understand why these countries rank top when it comes to tourism! but to me cuba was of bit of surprise!" - cool b
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Common Chemicals May Delay Pregnancy

... THURSDAY, Jan. 29 (HealthDay News) -- Chemicals known as perfluorinated chemicals, which are pervasive in food packaging, pesticides, clothing, upholstery, carpets and personal care products ... [full article] (81 views)
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"When other countries will take the initiative of completely banning the chemicals that has toxic effects." - kzee4
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Being Green is now Fashionable and Profitable

... The environment is a hot topic these days and it's almost becoming fashionable to worry about looking after the planet. There are so many different ways to be a little greener, such as recycling, cycling to work, reusing plastic bags, reducing food miles and turning your gadgets off rather than using standby. ... [full article] (39 views)
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Going green a 'paradigm shift'

... VANCOUVER — In the effort to minimize contributions to garbage dumps and air pollution while on the road, or while staying at hotels for meetings or conferences, more Canadian companies are demanding green solutions and services when their employees travel for business. ... [full article] (42 views)
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Earth at 350

... Even for Americans, constitutionally convinced that there will always be a second act, and a third, and a do-over after that, and, if necessary, a little public repentance and forgiveness and a Brand New Start--even for us, the world looks a little Terminal right now. ... [full article] (37 views)
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