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The only 5 diet rules you need

... Lots of diets work for lots of people—the key is to find what works best for you. But if you’re not sure where to begin, these 5 science- ... [full article] (135 views)
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Green Tea, Honey With lemon during TTC?

... Hi Dear, I am Dilnaz form Saudi Arabia I have one son 5 Years old, now I am going to conceive second child and trying for this since last 2 years, and I am also weight conscious for that I am using Green Tea, Honey With lemon water(Diluted Warm Water) So my dear question is this that is my action is Correct ?? someone told me that this Green Tea & Honey lemon water restrict the pregnancy ... [full article] (98 views)
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How Many Calories Does Your Body Need?

... Most of us understand that weight management depends upon the energy balance equation; the amount of energy you put into your body (food calories) versus the amount of energy you expend (activity). But how do you know how many calories your body needs to reach or maintain a certain weight? ... [full article] (75 views)
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New Alternate-Day diet 'can help you lose weight, live longer'

... Melbourne, Nov 25 (ANI): Forget tedious exercise routine and counting on calories, a simple Alternate-Day diet regime could offer significant health benefits and make you live longer. ... [full article] (109 views)
"this sounds good... but not sure whether there will be any side effects!" - mf
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Fat Fighter TV

... Fitness. Food. Fun. Because enjoying the journey is half the battle. ... [full article] (101 views)
"Looks like very good site if you are looking for health and diet related videos and articles." - YA
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welcome to strfri

... Food and Health ... [full article] (78 views)
This bookmark is tagged as: Health | Food | Diet | Loosing Weight | Nutrition | Recipes
"Its a new site that is launched very recently. Looks like the idea behind the site is to help its users to plan their diet. Also find some nice recipes!" - yamy
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Worst 'Healthy' Drinks - And What You Should Drink Instead

... Staying hydrated can be great for your body. Drink enough of the right liquids and your mood will improve, your focus will sharpen, your heart will beat stronger, and you’ll be less likely to suffer from headaches and ... [full article] (80 views)
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"Great tips, more advanced though!!" - yamy
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Regular Walking Protects The Masai -- Who Eat High Fat Diet -- From Cardiovascular Disease

... Scientists have long been puzzled by how the Masai can avoid cardiovascular disease despite having a diet rich in animal fats. Researchers at Karolinska Institutet believe that their secret is in their regular walking. ... [full article] (59 views)
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Men And Women May Need Different Diets

... Diet can strongly influence how long you live and your reproductive success, but now scientists have discovered that what works for males can be very different for females. ... [full article] (42 views)
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List: 10 things that are suprisingly good for you

... This morning's news that nicotine could be used as the basis of a drug against Alzheimer's - and the fact that there's not too much other news ... [full article] (63 views)
This bookmark is tagged as: Health | Diet
"I thought ice cream is good for nothing! Also one thing that is good for one person can be extremely bad for other person. So there cannot be a straight good or bad diet list!" - yamy
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