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Data mining

... Data mining is the process of extracting patterns from data. Data mining is seen as an increasingly important tool by modern business to transform data into an informational advantage. It is currently used in a wide range of profiling practices, such as marketing, surveillance, fraud detection, and scientific discovery. ... [full article] (64 views)
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Structuring Unstructured Data

... Garbage in, garbage out has been a truism in computing since its beginning. Working with data that has no, or little, meaning leaves an information process in just about ... [full article] (87 views)
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Semi-structured data

... Semi-structured data[1] is a form of structured data that does not conform with the formal structure of tables and data models associated with databases but contains nonetheless tags or other markers to separate semantic elements and hierarchies of records and fields within the data. ... [full article] (69 views)
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... Metadata is loosely defined as data about data. Metadata is a concept that applies mainly to electronically archived or presented data and is used to describe the a) definition, b) structure and c) administration of data files with all contents in context to ease the use of the captured and archived data for further use. For example, a web page may include metadata specifying what language it\'s written in, what tools were used to create it, where to go for more on the subject and so on. ... [full article] (57 views)
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... Computing is usually defined as the activity of using and developing computer technology, computer hardware and software. It is the computer-specific part of information technology. Computer science (or computing science) is the study and the science of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and their implementation and application in computer systems. ... [full article] (73 views)
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What is data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom

... Hi, in this blog I am trying to compare and understand the terms data, information, knowledge and wisdom! Broadly speaking data can be anything, can be a word in any language like ‘Water’ or even a noun like ‘Beijing’ but when you say ‘Bucket is filled with ... [full article] (132 views)
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