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Coffee OK for diabetic men

... There's reassuring news for coffee lovers with type 2 diabetes. Drinking even fairly high amounts of coffee does not raise the risk of heart disease in diabetic men or increase their risk of dying early, according to a report in the medical journal ... [full article] (68 views)
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"really good news for diabetic patients" - cool b
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Coffee may help reduce uterus cancer risk

... Melbourne, Sept 1 (ANI): A Japanese study has found that women who drink a lot of coffee may have less risk of developing cancer of the uterus. ... [full article] (68 views)
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"Coffee maybe good for certain things, but don't drink too much of it as well... it has lots of bad effects as well!" - Cool B
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World's Most Expensive Cups Of Coffee

... kinder--coffee is $6.77 in Paris and $6.62 in Athens. International travelers looking to satisfy their caffeine cravings should look to South America and Africa for relief: At $2.03 per cup in ... [full article] (50 views)
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"World's costliest coffee is is just $10+, I thought it will be much more than that!" - yamy
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Coffee may cut pregnancy chances

... Women with fertility problems should stay away from guzzling too much coffee, for a new study has found that the drink can worsen their chances of becoming pregnant. ... [full article] (55 views)
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