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Bush and Clinton talk Iraq, Afghanistan in Toronto speech

... TORONTO The "Bill and George Show," as former U.S. president George W. Bush called his public conversation with Bill Clinton Friday in Toronto, was a cordial affair, full of mutual deference and folksy humour. Outside were accusations of war crimes by noisy protesters. But inside a ... [full article] (105 views)
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"people are good are bad that is different, the culture is good, i admired it." - cool b
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Clinton urges Democrats to get behind Obama

... Denver: Senator Hillary Clinton has urged fellow Democrats to work for Barack Obama's election as president, telling them "We are on the same team and none of us can sit on the sidelines." ... [full article] (56 views)
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Clinton tells cheering Nev. crowd to support Obama

... LAS VEGAS -- Hillary Rodham Clinton told an exuberant crowd Friday she wants Barack Obama to win the White House, even though he dashed her own presidential dreams _ and she wants her supporters to vote that way, too. ... [full article] (68 views)
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Obama, With a Nod to Clinton

... Democrats settled yesterday on a party platform that includes concessions to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, while at the same time showing the clear imprint of Sen. Barack Obama on the party. ... [full article] (54 views)
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