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We\'re No. 2

... In the global race for jobs and economic prosperity, the United States is No. 2. And it is likely to remain there for some time. That\'s the glum conclusion of most Americans surveyed in the latest Allstate/National Journal Heartland Monitor poll. Henry Luce famously labeled the 20th century the \"American Century.\" This survey suggests that ... [full article] (81 views)
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UFO shuts down Hangzhou airport

... Xiaoshan airport in Hangzhou, China was shut down after airport workers discovered, well, we\'re not sure ... [full article] (95 views)
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... The greater part of the country is mountainous. Its principal ranges are the Tien Shan, the Kunlun chain, and the Trans-Himalaya. In the southwest is Tibet, which ... [full article] (104 views)
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Armed Forces of the World Discussion Board

... According to the CIA and other Intelligence Services (European, Asian, African) this is the tally - based on a Combination of Manpower, ... [full article] (106 views)
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Cadbury says Chinese-made chocolate have melamine

... HONG KONG - A Cadbury spokesman says preliminary results show its Chinese-made chocolates contain the industrial chemical melamine. ... [full article] (78 views)
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China quake toll rises to 28

... Panzhihua (China), Aug 31 (Xinhua) The toll in Saturday's 6.1-magnitude earthquake in China's southwestern Sichuan province has risen to 28 after three more deaths were reported in the Huili county Sunday, officials said. ... [full article] (64 views)
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China shows its face at the Olympic Games

... The Olympic Games this year are China’s introduction to the world stage. The nation has long been tied in the minds of Americans with communism, oppression and secret fear — fear that one day, China might grow powerful enough to challenge our supremacy. ... [full article] (71 views)
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China signs border pact with Russia

... BEIJING: China and Russia on Monday signed a pact that finally settled the demarcation of their 4,300-km (2,672-mile) border, the scene of armed clashes at the height of the Cold War. ... [full article] (37 views)
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China warns Dalai Lama not to disrupt Beijing Olympics

... BEIJING: After latest fence-mending talks on Tibet issue that failed to make any headway, China has declared that future dialogue with envoys of the Dalai Lama hinges on his response to its demands that included not disrupting Beijing Olympics. ... [full article] (75 views)
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