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Show-cause notice for Ten Cricket channel

... Ten Cricket has been asked to explain the violation of the Indian government\'s advertising codes during its coverage of the recently concluded series between India and South Africa. Acting on complaints received ... [full article] (65 views)
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Meaning of TRP and GRP in advertising

... Hi, a) First of all a basic question. I want to know as to what is the expanded form of TRP. I used to think it was television rating points. But I learned from my boss recently that it is Targeted rating points. He seems to be correct as I have this variable TRP for a Radio advertising data. I wanted to confirm this? b) Second I would like to know as to what exactly does the phrase targeted rating point mean. How is it different from Global rating point. How are these actually measured? Is there a formula ... [full article] (90 views)
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Study: Video game ads boost real world sales

... While ads in video games may not be popular, they are effective. ... [full article] (76 views)
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Facebook and Others Caught Sending User Data to Advertisers

... The Wall Street Journal is reporting on what could be a major scandal brewing for Facebook, MySpace and other social networks: despite assurances to the contrary, the sites have apparently been sending personal and identifiable information ... [full article] (60 views)
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"the traffic of facebook is only increasing... does all this matters or not??" - mf
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Yahoo Buys Full Page Front Page Ad In Times Of India

... India’s largest English-language newspaper, the Times of India, has an interesting print edition front page today – a huge yellow advertisement for Yahoo’s It’s You campaign first announced ... [full article] (75 views)
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Desperateness seen in the recent TV Commercials

... Let me elobarate the topic, in this post I am going to write about the desparateness, uglyness, irresponsibility, rudeness (feel free to add more appropriate terms) that is evident in recent TV Ads. ... [full article] (139 views)
"my blog where i have written about some bad advertisements that breaks all the ethics!" - thought_engine
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Food advertising shifting scenario

... LONDON: After years of ignoring parents in favour of their children, brands, particularly in the food sector, ... [full article] (44 views)
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"Most of the brands listed here are very smart!" - MF
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